Hi, I am Julia.

I work as a make up artist & stylist based in Vienna, but available all over Austria and worldwide.

MAKE UP & HAIR    after a few years of studying and gaining work experiences in different fields,  i joined ‘MAF make up artist factory’ in munich in january 2015 and got the necessary skills for becoming a make up artist.

STYLING    doing styling in addition to make up made so much sense to me when being on set, and being able to partly combine these two jobs is what makes me the happiest.


I am constantly aiming to improve and go forward, personally and with my work. 
In my opinion, having the necessary skills is one important thing, but being truly passionate about something is what really makes the work complete.

Working with different kinds of faces is what interests me, because every single one is special in a way. it fascinates me, what make up can do to a face and fashion can do to a person, and how you can play with styles and completely change it if you want to.

Still, i am a fan of staying natural, getting the best out of someone, but not changing it completely.

On my page you can find my portfolio, but also stuff that inspires me.

book me for.

fashion – beauty – commercials – film – television – business portraits or simply make up & hair concepts / styling concepts